5 Ways to Fix Your Direct Mail Campaigns

By October 10, 2014Admail

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail is an effective way to reach new customers as well as improve your customer retention rate. Although more modern marketing practices have begun to gain more and more traction and the popularity of direct mail is still widely recognized by marketing professionals as one of the most effective ways to reach customers and gain new business. Direct mail marketing has one of the highest conversion rates at just under 2 percent while email marketing and landing page capture forms offer a minimal conversion rate that barely scratches the surface of .06 percent.

Direct_Mail_SpecialistOne of the most important aspects that contribute to the success of direct mail is its ability to literally reach customers directly. Customers checking their postal mailbox often scan all of the documents and advertisements it contains, while email marketing efforts are ignored or rerouted to the SPAM folder by most popular email hosting servers. If you have recently launched a direct mail campaign here are a few ways to improve your direct mail efforts and increase your chances of turning prospective customers into loyal customers.

Determine your goals and desires for your direct mail campaign.

The key to a successful direct mail campaign is identifying what you desire your direct mail campaign to do for your business. If you desire for your campaign to produce tangible results identifying what you want from it is key. Your desired results for your campaign will dictate how you run the campaign, where you will send it, and what tracking methods you will use to measure its success. If you desire for your campaign to raise brand awareness for your company then creating a mailer that is vibrant or slightly humorous and memorable is the best way to do so. If you desire for your campaign to increase your Facebook likes and Google + audience then offering a reward or incentive for commenting, liking, or following your brand is the most effective way to increase your social media presence and authority.

Offer a tangible solution that matters to your customers.

Often times the most effective way to improve your customer engagement is to offer something that matters to them and that is a tangible solution to an immediate problem that they face everyday. For companies that offer pest control services it is much easier to accomplish this via a direct mail campaign. However, if your company provides a service that is not as easily tangible such as a SaaS (software as a service) its recommended that you personalize your service in a way that matters to your audience. For example, a direct mail campaign for a company that has developed a mobile application that identifies the closest gas station for their customers will need to be creative and innovative in their approach. Highlighting that the app also tells their customers the distance between each gas station as well as the amenities and cleanness of the bathrooms of each gas station makes the app more personal and versatile for their customer base.

Use images and creative visuals for maximum impact (when appropriate).

One of the most recognized approaches to ensuring a campaign is successful is to use images to convey messaging or sales promotions. Using images of smiling women tend to convert very highly on Facebook, family images convert well in advertisements for food, and product images convert well for products that pertain to the home. Determine how you can convey your message and feature your products through images for an improved conversion rate on your direct mail campaign efforts.

Include a vivid and bold call to action.

Every campaign whether direct mail or PPC must feature a vivid and bold call to action. The best places for call to actions can be determined by the design and layout of your mailers however, some general best practice placements included being centered or in a right hand corner. Vivid and bold call to actions are not simply “call now” but rather clear statements – “call now for a free quote on your car insurance”. By using a vivid and bold call to action you easily convey what you are offering alongside what you will provide the customer with once they respond to your call to action.

Introduce your company in a quick and simple fashion.

Your customers want to know who you are and what you offer. Prior to making a purchase customers evaluate your service, experience, and ability to meet their needs. Your customers naturally seek reasons to buy without expressing them openly. The best to tackle this slight obstacle is to introduce your business to your customers quickly and succinctly. Tell your customers how long you have been in business, what your commitments to them are, elaborate on any guarantees you offer, and share a bit of background about your company as needed. The key is to share these things with your customers quickly so that they are easily absorbed and recognized.

Direct mail campaigns can be a very rewarding when planned and designed to achieve a particular result. As you plan and execute your direct mail campaign consider using visuals, introducing your customers in creative ways, identifying and conveying tangible solutions, and asking your customers boldly to take action.

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