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Although perceived as an old direct marketing method, direct mail is still an important vehicle to reach a particular clientele. (Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Far From Dead – The Huffington Post)

Indeed, the ability to aim and adapt the printed message according to the targeted customer segment allows the sender of the message to reach his or her target audience effectively.

Used in combination with other media, direct mail multiplies the success rate of promotional campaigns.

Direct mail is still valid

The decline in efficiency of e-mails (seen as spam), of radio and TV advertising (with specialty channels such as Netflix, Galaxy and many others) and the significant increase in advertising costs on search engines, ensure that direct mail can always generate interesting spin-offs.

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A medium that reaches its target audience

Naturally, the content of the message, the promotions offered, the calls to action, the format of the support and its preparation are decisive factors in favor of a better success rate.

DiVision Communications is a specialist in direct marketing via printing. We advise our customers to maximize the return on their mailings. Targeting, designing, printing, preparing and depositing items to be distributed are among the services we offer.

Personalized Mail – formerly Addressed Admail

Recommended for businesses seeking to offer their products and services directly to a target audience. This type of campaign can be customized according to the recipient and often includes a limited time offer. The aim of these campaigns is to encourage potential customers to contact or order the company’s products / services.

Neighborhood Mail – formerly Unaddressed Admail

Direct mail advertising continues to be one of the most effective forms of direct marketing. It’s excellent for the reputation of your company and to propose offers while benefiting from a particular targeting.

Letter Post

The Letter Post service, simply known as standard mail, allows you to reach a targeted clientele in a simple and effective way. The Letter Post service has a high success rate because it is often addressed to customers who already know the products and services offered by your company.

For more information on how direct mail influences the consumer, consult the Smartmail Marketing on the Canada Post site.

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