DiVision Comunications

For more than 50 years in the communication business

DiVision was established in 1963. Since then many factors have changed the way businesses reach their customers. Five decades ago our customers requested limestone printing plates and experienced illustrators; today they are requesting integrated marketing solutions that include website development, digitally printed postcards or brochures, and customized Bridge Campaigns™.

Collectively our team has more than 80 years of experience. DiVision is a family owned and managed company based in Canada that initially offered simple typographic services which evolved into pre-press solutions for clients in the mid 1980s. Our pre-press service offerings positioned the company in Canada as one of the leading and premier turn-key printing solutions for local small and medium sized businesses.

Likewise, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction lead us to become one of the first early adopters of digital printing in the 1990s. The company has been a Xerox Premier Partner since 1997 and was successfully selected as a Blue Mail Central partner in 2009. Later on, we began providing United Telegram services to our clients and partnered with Canada Post to offer stamping and direct mail services throughout the region.

Our decades of experience and networks enables us to meticulously target audiences within selected markets that ensure our clients not only reach their customers but engage them; turning their leads into loyal customers. DiVision clients are in varied industries including manufacturing, consulting, retail, and finance. We embrace the full scope of work required to execute and implement complete marketing and advertising strategies across multiple platforms and media.

Although our specialties and services have changed and expanded over the years, our commitment to excellence and traditional marketing partnerships and collaboration remain solidly intact. We embrace the innovations and changes that surround marketing and advertising today while adapting to ensure we continually provide our clients with high quality digital printing solutions, light and effective websites, and integrated advertising strategies.

DiVision CommunicationsWe are at the forefront of integrating Internet marketing with print advertising. Our exclusive Bridge Campaigns™ connect all marketing efforts to ensure seamless messaging and branding across all platforms, online and offline. Each campaign is hand developed and our entire team comes together to build, strategize, and create campaigns that deliver tangible results. Our marketing coordinators work one-on-one with clients to understand their company objectives and then builds a strategy to achieve them, our webmasters build, manage and align all online marketing efforts, our copywriters ensure proper messaging and brand representation and our graphic designers develop customized visuals and concepts on behalf of each of our clients.

DiVision creates innovative customer experiences, intertwines online and print campaigns, verifies and delivers tangible results, designs and develops new generation websites, and attracts loyal and responsive customers. We consistently provide cohesive marketing and advertising solutions; our success has kept us thriving for more than five decades and counting.

DiVision is committed to simplifying Internet marketing while embracing the value of more traditional marketing efforts. Through integrated proven campaigns we successfully create strategies that produce results to achieve client goals. Our Bridge Campaigns™, decades of experience, reliable and passionate team members, and professional commitments provide clients with a simple and complete solution to integrate print advertising efforts with online marketing strategies successfully.