When Pictures and Facebook Unite

By August 27, 2014Social Media Marketing

When Pictures and Facebook Unite

When_Pictures_and_Facebook_UniteMarketing is a simple tool often used to increase the sales of particular products or service, engage customers, improve customer retention, or a combination of all three. Whether you are targeting consumers or businesses your company should consider harnessing the power of social media to kickstart your efforts toward achieving your goals and building your company’s influence in your industry and niche. Social media is hosted on a variety of platforms today and can be leveraged according to your goals and audience. Aside from the brief creative ideas we provide to help you kickstart your social media campaign in this article it is important to choose a social media platform that fits your product or service as well as serves as a tool to help generate leads or engage your customers organically.

How to Make a Visual Impact

In today’s market social media is about style, unique perception, inspiration, and knowledge. You often find quotes with accommodating pictures to solidify the message or visual representations of interesting facts. The easiest and most prevalent way to stand out in social media is to create visuals that are relevant to your audience and most importantly share worthy. Due to the inherent purpose and design of social media every item you create should be shareable or likable. Your visuals should not simply talk about your products or services but rather explain how they provide a solution to your customers.
When you create shareable or likeable visuals for your brand the key is to make sure each visual evokes emotion; whether happy, sad, familiar, or feisty and is easily digested and understood. Each visual must influence your audience to share – naturally without pressure because they offer relevant and interesting information about your products or inspire and challenge your audience within your niche. The most popular visual and pictures shared on Facebook are engaging and spread a message that builds or equips the users of the platform with everyday life skills or encouragement.

Visual Impact in Action

We are going to take a look a the possible visual impact you can experience with a creative approach that is unique and relevant to your products and targeted customers. Meet John, a shoe store owner in Laval. His store sells a variety of running shoes manufactured by popular brands. His goal is to entice customers to visit his store and try on a minimum of three shoes at varied price points in an effort to convey the varied qualities about each brand and its correlating price point. John decides to use social media to achieve this goal. The most ideal social media campaign for John to launch would be to choose a social media platform that is consumer oriented. Some of the most popular consumer oriented social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter. John knows he should chose a platform that features visuals and pictures because he has tangible products and thus he decides to utilize Facebook because Instagram and Pinterest have a limited interface that does not allow for targeting audiences based on location.

After careful planning and preparation John takes pictures of select shoes worn and not worn and presents them in a variety of ways. He also creates mini-infographics that explain some of the features of select shoes highlighting breathable fabrics, support, and lightweight construction. After running the campaign and generating organic likes and shares John is thrilled to see more foot traffic to his store by consumers looking to try on select shoes promoted via his Facebook campaign. John’s decision to harness the power of visual impacts on Facebook delivered tangible results and will enable him to tweak his next campaign based on what images worked best and which did not perform as he had planned.

Determining the Type of Visuals for Your Brand

Deciding to make a visual impact on a social media platform, particularly Facebook, is one of the key ways to generate the traffic you desire for your website or products as well as improve customer retention. As you face the options on how to create your Facebook visuals pay closer attention to the types of visuals you will present and ensure you can develop these visuals consistently with creativity for a minimum of two months. You can have your visuals outsources for a relatively affordable price via Fiverr or you can handle it all in house.

Select an approach to develop your visuals and images to be shared on Facebook that you can maintain for a minimum of two months – the standard time it takes to for any campaign to gain relevant traction. The types of visuals you can choose range in size, content, and more. Enlist the help of a social media marketer if in doubt for direction as well as to help you avoid wasting resources.

How to Get 1,000 Likes and 348 Shares on Facebook

Lastly, there are a few rules to remember when undertaking the tasks of growing your business and making an impact on Facebook. Here are a few key tips that will help you gain traction in your efforts:

  • Keep your visuals and images up to date (old news is no news)
  • Ensure each visual accurately portrays your brand culture and values (avoid dead puppies)
  • Keep it simple and straightforward (less is always more)
  • Research your facts (check them and re-check them)
  • Get proper permissions for images you use (check licensing and provide accreditation when necessary)

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