Why You Should Consider Using Vine for Direct Selling Efforts

By October 7, 2014Social Media Marketing

How to Market on Vine

Vine is a social media platform app that allows users to upload short six second videos clips of themselves doing a variety of things. The app was purchased by Twitter in October 2012 and launched in January 2013. It is estimated that one in four teenagers uses the mobile app and is the fastest growing app in the world according to Statista. Mobile photo and video apps are among the fastest growing apps in 2014 with a user base that proves to be loyal, creative, and bold.

Vine_logoOften small and medium sized businesses struggle with connecting with audiences in ways that will engage them directly. Vine provides businesses with an innovative approach that can have a lasting impact. Many large companies, such as Coca-Cola and Charmin, have begun to use Vine to personalize their brand and connect with its user base. Here a few reasons why you should consider Vine if you are looking to personalize your brand and build an army of brand ambassadors.

Vine Users are Loyal

Vine users that upload to Vine on a regular bases have been coined “Viners” and each Viner has one goal in mind – to become “Vine famous”. Becoming Vine famous means that you have gained solid followers that not only watch your Vines but also comment, revine, and share them on other social media platforms such as Twitter. Vine has a user base that is loyal and demanding. Often Viners are missed when they fail to upload videos and their followers begin to drop off. Successful Viners are creative, unique, and confident.

Climbing to become Vine famous is a tough feat. However, you also have the Vine user base itself. These users are the backbone of the app. They share, revine, and comment. Sometimes they respond to a famous Viner’s request with Vines of their own using hashtags (similar to Twitter) other times they simply are there – which has made Vine one of the most active apps to date.

Meet Ups Give Your Efforts Validation

Over the years many regular Internet users have been given the opportunity to have a voice. You see their voice through mobile apps and websites such as YouTube and Vine. These digital social platforms have not only given users a voice but have also given them fans and loyal followers; true fans that will actually pay to see them in person and live.

Digitour, a media company that creates and produces real-life social media experiences, has hosted many events that have drawn millions of followers to concerts and live stages to see their most beloved Viners and YouTubers. Digitour itself has sold 120,000 tickets since its launch and continues to work to bring social media to life. In addition, to Digitours that are popping up in big cities spanning the globe Viners also promote meet-ups.
A Vine meet up is a call to all fellow Viners and Vine users to come out and “meet and greet” with each other and other Viners. These meetups bridge the gap between digital space and personal connection; enabling users to meet their fans and solidify their following. It is quite literally brilliant and meet ups have been known to draw hundreds and thousands of Vine users. Meet ups are announced by Viners via a six second clip and capture in six second snippets.

Vine Makes Direct Selling Easy

Vine is not simply a social media app that is used by millions of users on a daily basis it has quickly grown into a direct to consumer advertising media that makes brands uniquely personable and relevant. Through creative collaboration with poplar Viners, both big and small businesses, are meeting their customers directly without a middleman and on terms that are welcome and often shared via revines.

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