Why You Need a Print Resolution Specialists

By September 2, 2014Printing

Why You Need a Print Resolution Specialists

When you seek to have your products printed with DiVision your initial contact will be with your personal Print Resolution Specialists. After more than five decades in the business and dealing with our customers we have found that one-on-one attention to each product and project is required to ensure a smooth production and polished, professional results. Our Print Resolution Specialists will serve as your key contact for questions regarding your project as well as play an imperative role in helping you bring your project to life. Here are a few things you will discuss with your specialists and what to expect.

Determining Specifications and Details

The most important aspects of any print project are the requirements for the job. Will your project be printed in color, black and white, and viewable online as a PDF? How will it be presented and shared with customers and prospects? What is its optimal size? What type of paper is needed? Glossy? Recycled? FSC Certified?

Gathering all the information you need for a successfully printed project will enable your job to run smoothly, cut cost, and wasted resources. As you prepare to meet with your specialist have a grasp of where your product will be as well as a budget and timeframe. Identifying these key factors during the process of determining your project’s specifications and details will enable your specialist to provide quick options and turnarounds that meet your expectations.

Review Graphics and Files

Each of our Print Resolution Specialist is experienced in InDesign, Illustrator, and QuarkXpress. Due to the nature of templates and layouts your files will need to be reviewed thoroughly prior to sending your project to production. Reviewing your files is a complimentary service that is provided free of charge.

This very specialized part of our service and commitment to printing with excellence and the highest quality possible sets our company apart. With experience and a professional eye for detail your specialists will adjust and review your files to ensure they are ready for printers and processes thus eliminating waste and the need to rerun productions.

Creative Collaboration

Creative collaboration is also one of the key reasons working one-on-one with your very own Print Resolution Specialist is imperative to project and production success. The printing process can be overwhelming and requires an attention to detail that is best acquired through experience; similarly the creation of products and projects require the same amount of experience and attention to detail.

Your specialist will work to understand your vision, adjust it as needed to ensure it is feasible and assists you with making important decisions concerning the purpose of your project. For example will it have a backlight, will it be a large or small POV sign, will it hang outdoors or indoors, etc. These questions will be easily addressed and answered as you and your Print Resolution Specialists collaborate on your project.

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